Massage vind rust in jezelfShiatsu is an oriental therapy. According to Shiatsu energy flows in the body through meridians. This is called Ki. If Ki is blocked, than the body can become ill. On the other end: an ill person can be cured by stimulating of Ki.

Get relaxed through a Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu (shia=finger tsu=pressure) is a pressure massage according to the old chinese medicine. Shiatsu stimulates the body, relaxes the mind and is good for your health.

When should you have Shiatsu?
• to become more dynamic and to feel healthier
• to enjoy your work again
• to improve sleeping
• to reduce pain

Shiatsu can be very good for releaving:
• headache, migraine, backpain, RSI/CAN nerve pains
and problems with:
• muscles, bones, blood, gland and hormone system or the digesting process
• pregnancy or after surgery
• trauma processing
• to overcome an addiction

Shiatsu is a very good additional therapy with chronical illnesses, because Shiatsu stimulates the self healing capabilities of the body. Sometimes you will get surprising results

If you like to experience Shiatsu to see if you like it, I can give you an introduction treatment for 30 minutes. A full session with intake interview takes around 75 minutes. With children an hour mostly is enough.

During the treatment you have to wear comfortable clothes made of natural products, such as cotton, linen or wool. Preferable you should not drink coffee a couple of hours before the session.