Masseurs available in the whole of the Netherlands.  

We look after businessmassage on location, in the whole of the Netherlands. Invest in your personnel. Because of the Chairmassage your personnel gets more energy, less risk on RSI (CANS) or other illments and the will enjoy there work even more. Discover the advantages of chairmassage for your company. Aks a free quotation: email

Chairmassage is a very effective way to improve blood circulation, to improve the energy flow and to bring the body in balans. The massage is based on traditional Japanse presure point massage and is given on the head, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and hips.  The result is that people feel refresed after the massage. It is a   Het is een reviver for body and mind!

Chairmassage is easy
It is given over the clothes. An effective massage takes 20 minutes. There is no oil involved. You can go direct to work after the massage. More and more health insurances pay for the chairmassage.

Het wordt over de kleding heen gegeven. Een effectieve stoelmassage duurt 20minuten.
Er komt geen olie aan te pas. Men kan direct weer overgaan tot de orde van de dag.
Steeds meer zorgverzekeraars vergoeden stoelmassage.